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Program Background:

We have designed many websites for small businesses. One  common question that we are always asked by website owners when their websites would reach the top of major search engines. So we started focusing on website optimization. Over the years, we have discovered that link popularity is the most important key to get higher rank, and only related static link pages can really help the sites to get the top of the search engines. Thus, this automatic link exchange program was born.


Automatic Link Exchange

As we all know, link exchange can increase your website popularity and rank high on all search engines. In order to achieve top ranking on search engines, there are so many factors affecting your rank, such as meta description, meta keyword, page content, whole website structure, program language, and so on.  Nevertheless, one of the most important factors is inbound links.

The numbers of inbound links are determined by the numbers of links that link to your website. There is a common misconception that "if you exchange links with 100 sites, you will get 100 inbound links". Now, if your link partners put your website into their dynamic databases, how in the world can search engine spiders or robots know where your link resides in their databases?  For instance, if your link is stored in a database, and it needs to use something like links.cgi?cid=123&url=www.autolinks2u.com to access it, this link almost does not help your site because dynamic URLs (those with a question mark in them) weren't indexed by the major search engines (Not long ago, the search engines such as Google and Yahoo do index some URLs with question marks, but rank these URLs very low. Based upon our study, The average percentage of URLs with question marks is only about 5% on Google and 3% on Yahoo). Therefore, simply do not exchange links with other websites who put your link into dynamic pages. In our automatic link exchange program, we only place links on static pages such as .html files for our link exchanges.

Probably, you have struggled or are still struggling to get your site on the top of the search engines just as we had struggled so many years with search engines and link exchanges. Exchanging links is time consuming, it takes lots of your energy and time to find good websites and lots of contacts with site owners to ask them to reciprocate links with you. Now, using our auto link exchange program, you can focus on other important things in your life.


100% Automatic exchange links


We only focus on auto links exchange, for the manual link exchange program, visit www.usasmt.net or purchase Manual Link Exchange.


You do:
  • Sign up with your website information
  • Choose directory you want to exchange
  • Monitor link exchange progress
  • Filter link partner page rank


We do:

  • Insert partners' links into your partners and your sites on static pages
  • Add your partners' reciprocal links into monitor sections
  • Notify webmaster and Remove all dead links





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